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Jason Goes To Hell (1993)
The Mortician
Friday The 13th 9: Jason Goes To Hell Wow, everyone had high hopes for this pup with the return of producer Sean Cunningham and director Adam Marcus, who proclaimed to be a big fan of the series and vowed "to bring the entire series together" with this epic...

Too bad the plot felt like a complete ripoff of THE HIDDEN. The opening is great, where Jason stalks and tries to kill a bodacious babe, who turns out to be an FBI agent luring him into a trap...Jason is killed in a great scene by awesome firepower...

But his evil heart lives, and the coroner chows down on it, so Jason becomes a worm, shedding bodies like clothes. He goes on a rampage again, this time to kill the last of his bloodline (and all kinds of new family members pop up like a soap opera here!).

Adding to the confusion is a lame bounty hunter subplot with a very unlikeable guy named Duke. I wish Jason would have killed him early on!

Kane Hodder can't save this one, he's not in it enough. And that's the biggest disappointment, there's not enough "Jason kills" in this thing. It's always a "different body" doing the murders, when fans want Kane (hockeyman!) doing the dastardly deeds! If only...

Saving graces include a great score by composer Harry Manfredini and a scene where the lead actress has no panties on (important to use your PAUSE/FRAME BY FRAME FUNCTION HERE)! That's always a plus. Also, I liked the camping scene where another fully nude chick gets cut in half via machete with a dude who went on to have a decent role in NYPD Blue...

Aw well, can't win em all. Worth a look, though.

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