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The New Blood (1988)
The Mortician
Friday The 13th 7: The New Blood This is one of my favorite Friday The 13th sequels! Although subtitled "The New Blood", I call it Jason vs. Carrie, for this time out, a gal with psychic abilities is pitted against our deranged hero... The story deals with a psychic girl who may have killed her father in Crystal Lake years ago. Trying to revive him, she accidentally unleashes Jason Vorhees in a most zombified form! Kane Hodder takes control of the character here, adding a new dimension to hockey head. Full of rage and awesome body language, Hodder really brings the psycho to life. We really FEEL his madness as he observes the world around him...offing a bunch of kids that are partying down next to the psychic gal.

The last thirty minutes of this movie are just pure fun as the "Carrie" gal electrocutes, smashes, stabs, and burns Jason, but he's like an unstoppable locomotive!

Nice kills (though heavily edited) and funtime characters punctuate this effort, and the end showdown is well worth the rental fee on this pup! Effects man turned director John Carl Buechler shows nice directorial flair and Jason's makeup is awesome!

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