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The Final Chapter (1984)
The Undertaker
Friday The 13th 4: The Final Chapter Good ole # 4. Not quite as good as the 1st 3, but light years ahead oh what was to come (yuck 5, 5, 5) Actually 4 was kinda cool & had the hotttest chicks in it (though not my fav, she was in 6). It also had Corey Feldman before he turned into a dickhead. Can't all kids just stay young? Nice bodycount & boobie count help this one stand on it's own. The little side bar with the kid being into monsters & make up was a good touch as well. Had the coolest Jason death in it as well. That machete looked painful as hell! If the series had ened here it would have been a good place. This would have been a great 4 film quad with a decent ender. But it was not too be cause these flicks make money and so...

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