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Jason X (2002)
Friday The 13th 10: Jason X The tenth FRIDAY THE 13th movie is perhaps one of the best (along with #2 and #6), not only updating it for new audience but bringing the story full circle. Unable to execute Jason Vorhees, the authorities decide to freeze him until they figure out what to do with him--but Jason escapes and kills all the guards and technicians in the facility. Only one woman is left alive--and she manages to freeze him, and herself, before he kills her. Skip 400 years, where a student field trip has uncovered them on an uninhabitable earth and taken them back to their space ship. Jason awakens and starts the killing, until the on-board cyborg (Lisa Ryder) manages to seemingly stop him. But he's accidently repaired by the medical room's nanoprobes who make him in to an unstoppable, half metal killing machine (literally!). Although there's lots of "borrowing" of ideas from the ALIEN movies, which kind of makes it seem like one of those tv episodes where they show the "best of" clips (particularly in that it stars two of ANDROMEDA'S actors!), there's plenty of gore, plenty of decent computer effects and plenty of Jason. Plus, it leaves itself wide open for many more sequels. Recommended.

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