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Friday The 13th (1980)
The Undertaker
Friday The 13th Still a classic? I think so, even after what 20 years or so now. Doesn't seem all that old to me, but now it's aged 20 years and considered trend setting. Sure, it wasn't the 1st slasher film ever, but it was the most duplicated (even as a film series in & of itself). So many copycats (good & bad) followed in the 80's that it made the cheesiest decade a lot more tolerable. All that being said, I find it strange that Paramont didn't do anything cool or special for the 20th annivesary of this film. Not even a kick-ass DVD, just a widescreen rerelease that still is missing the extended gore scenes that you can find on a bootleg of the japanese version. Damn japs got a better version than us years ago. Thanks alot Paramont! Maybe one day something cool will come about. I'd love to see some of the little trinckets made the way they were for the Halloween 20 th. All I ever see is a t-shirt once in awhile or maybe a hockey mask.

Anyway, the original film classic status & all is great of course. Fun to watch anytime (especialy summer). Fun to see Kevin Bacon die. Fun to watch the prophet of doom crazy Ralph survive (til # 2). Just plain fun. There a re a few key things to remember. 1. No hockey mask, but there was Jason (sorta). 2. Tom Savini does a great job on fx (see the Jap version) 3. Sean Cunningham can actually do a good film 4. Great Score (one of the more memorable of any kind of film). 5. The killers sadistic & a mommy!!

This was the 1st year I remember a Good Friday the 13th, how about you? All Hail the 13th!

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